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Hinweis: Diese Seite ist derzeit nur auf Englisch verfügbar und wird demnächst aktualisiert.

My name is Daniela, but everybody calls me Dani. I’m from Austria, so my native language is German. I was born and raised in a small village at the heart of the Alps.


Well, I simply love languages. I’ve always loved learning languages, although I have no clue what exactly drives this passion. My language career started at the age of about 10, when finally some soft English classes for kids were introduced at school. From that point onwards nothing could keep me from learning languages! Nevertheless, I decided on starting a safe career after school. I used to work in the finance department of an international company and I hold a degree in management. Although this was not the worst career path to take, it turned out, that this was not my real passion in life (although I still love to observe entrepreneurs). That’s why I’m back at university now, studying translation & interpreting (Spanish & Russian <-–> German) and linguistics. One of the best decisions in my life!

I started out working as a freelance translator recently and I teach German as a foreign language, I’m really grateful for the opportunity to make a living of languages!


This is a list of the languages I know – some better than others but I constantly work on improving my skills. 

Icon-Deutsch-klein-jpg Icon-Englisch-klein-jpg Icon-Spanisch-klein-jpg Icon-Russisch-klein-jpg Icon-Französisch-klein-jpg Logo-Italienisch-klein-jpg Icon-Portugiesisch-klein-jpg Icon-Schwedisch-klein-jpg Icon-Polnisch-klein-jpg

[to be continued … ]

I’m not only passionate about language learning but also about learning in general (methods, life-long-learning etc.), teaching and personal development. I would characterize myself as a perfectionist, what can be lethal in language learning. So everything what I write about (language) learning is basically about “the way towards perfection”, conscious that reaching 100% perfection is impossible…

I also have some hobbies, actually no special ones, just the usual stuff: reading (especially crime novels), travelling, needlework (but I’m really bad at it..), sometimes cooking (and always eating),…


About this blog

This blog is dedicated to my passion for languages and I want it to be platform to exchange ideas, knowledge and inspiration. I want to share my experience, ideas, interesting facts about language but also just resources I come across and I would love to see you adding your personal thoughts and tips.

Enjoy reading and discussing!

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  • AS.com

    Oh what a great blog! I am so glad I found it! Sorry for the short comment, I still have a lot of posts to go through 😉

    • http://www.isimplylovelanguages.com/ Dani Maizner

      Thank you very much, enjoy reading!!

  • Dmitry Gurbátov

    Hi, Dani. Is it Sankt Petersburg behind?

    • http://www.isimplylovelanguages.com/ Dani Maizner

      Да, я там была в 2013ом году))

  • Pavlic

    Дэни ты просто бойчиха :)

    • http://www.isimplylovelanguages.com/ Dani Maizner

      Спасибо))) Било трудно найти перевод слова „бойчика“) Но мне очень нравится)

  • http://www.yozzi.com Dimitrios Polychronopoulos

    Hi Dani! I heard on your Actual Fluency podcast that you blog not only in English and German, but in other languages. Could you please let me know where those blogs are posted? Thanks!