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Arbeiten wir zusammen!
Let’s work together

(You speak English? Please see below)

Ich liebe neue Herausforderungen und spannende Projekte – wenn du also Lust hast, gemeinsam mit mir etwas umzusetzen, freue ich mich über deine Kontaktaufnahme.

Projekte, an denen ich besonders interessiert bin:

Erstellen von Sprachlernmaterial
für den autodidaktischen Bereich
Romanübersetzungen ins Deutsche
Cosy Crimes, Regency-Romane, humorvolle Romane
Verfassen von Cosy-Crime-Geschichten/
Verfassen von Texten/Sachbüchern
rund um das Thema Sprache und Sprachenlernen
[EN] Cooporation with self-publishing authors:

You published your novel successfully and now want to conquer the German speaking market? Please tell me more about your project if it meets the following criteria:

  • It can be categorized as either mystery or humoristic female literature.
  • Ideally, you’ve already published or plan to publish a series of books and are looking for a long-term cooperation.
  • You are seeking a professional translation for a professionally written book and consider yourself part of the translation project (clarify questions etc.)
  • You put an effort in marketing your books in a professional way (appealing cover etc.) and are willing to assist in the German marketing process e.g. by providing input, pictures etc.

What other authors think:

A Talented Translator You Can Trust With Your Books

Daniela did an amazing job translating my humorous cozy mystery book, Witch You Well, from English into German. Her translation was top-notch, capturing not only the story but also the humor and tone. She even translated the rhyming magic spells into new rhymes in German.
Working with Daniela has been a great experience and I feel lucky to have found her. She is a professional, dependable, and talented translator and someone you can trust completely to translate your stories into German. German readers seem to agree, judging from the good reviews to date. I recommend Daniela wholeheartedly.

By Colleen Cross


Working with Daniela was a joy and a delight. As it was on a historical project, she was thorough enough read books of the time in both languages so as to render the feel of the period. She truly went the extra mile. We communicated easily during the process.. She kept intact my style and humour and I was tremendously pleased with the result. And readers agreed! We were fortunate to have a wonderful success. I must also mention Astrid, who checked for all those easily-missed errors.

Few of our reviews mention the translation, which means it is faultless and transparent, which every author hopes for. I am lucky enough to be working with this team on our second translation, and I hope there will be more to come.

By Alicia Cameron


Daniela is my ideal translator: professional, good humored, and prompt. She was never shy about asking questions, but very few questions were required. I was particularly impressed by her suggestions for changes — for example in the series subtitle — to better target my books to a German audience. From the very start, I felt she understood my characters, humor, and writing style, and by all accounts (and judging from my own modest German skills) she’s produced translations that perfectly fit my original novels. Her speed and enthusiasm make working together a pleasure.

By Vicky Loebel

Please note that I will only be able to make a decision on taking on the translation after having read the entire book in advance.

I’m open in terms of pricing – whether it’s a fixed amount, royalty sharing, or both – it all depends on the nature of the project. Let’s discuss the possibilities for your book! I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

PS: Du benötigst Sprachdienstleistungen für deine Firma?
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